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Face to Face with Juan Angel Rosso

How do you feel halfway through your first season in British Formula Ford?
I probably should be higher in the standings by now had I not suffered the pre-season accident which prevented me from competing on opening weekend. So far so good though, I scored 5 podiums and am fourth in the overall championship board. I definitely feel well positioned to make another push and finish the year higher in the standings.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?
My overall objective is to continue learning and gaining experience. Unlike most drivers my age, I have no significant kart racing experience so I am making up lost ground now in Formula Ford. Obviously the immediate goal is to continue scoring podiums and catching up with Cammish (leader) in the standings.

How is it being a member of Velociudad Driver Management program?
The support system within the program is amazing. There are a group of experienced professionals on call 24/7 both in Europe and in Argentina. I honestly feel as if I am part of a family. All of the drivers live together, train together. Plus we are all away from our respective families and friends so it’s inevitable to develop a dynamic of friendship and camaraderie.

What series would you like to drive in next year once you finish Formula Ford?
European Formula Renault seems like the next logical step for me. My results this year will obviously dictate the decisions which the program makes for the 2014 season. So long as I can continue to live my dream of racing, I am happy to drive any car!

What is your impression of VDM teammate Eric Lichtenstein?
Eric is a great person, so talented as a driver! He is riding through that tough adjustment curve of adapting to the GP3 car, but I think everyone expected that. I am sure he will score some points by the end of the season. I wish him the best.

Have you had a chance to interact with brand ambassador Esteban Gutierrez?
Yes, having a fellow Latin American Formula 1 driver as part of the program represents a great opportunity and honor for us. It’s fantastic to have a “big-brother driver” whom you can go to for advice. Esteban has a keen understanding of what we go through because he has gone through it himself. I look forward to continue developing that bond with him.

As a Latin American driver competing in Europe, what do you feel are the key elements to success?
I think it all has to do with passion for what you do, and being willing to sacrifice everything precisely for that passion. You must be willing to leave behind your family, friends, and customs which you grew up with. This is a different continent with a different culture, and a different language. As such, you must be willing to change your mentality and adapt. Many think that driving in Europe is like going to heaven, but it can become hell if you are not committed and willing to sacrifice for your passion

Juan Emilio de Antón
Communications Director
Velociudad Speedcity

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