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Eric Lichtenstein about VDM: ...I feel as if I am part of a Family.

You recently completed your first official testing sessions in GP3 Series, how was it?
"The tests were challenging, it was a great learning experience for me coming from Formula Ford. The car is super technical and consumes the Pirelli tires at a rapid pace. Add to that the variables of 400 hp engine, the down force, and it makes for an interesting equation to solve!

What differences do you find between driving a Formula Ford and a GP3?
I would say the biggest difference is the increased engine power and tire consumption of the GP3. In Formula Ford the car is simple and the mechanics straight forward. You can get away with winning based on talent alone. In GP3, the talent field is probably the tougher than ever before. Attention to minor details will decide whether you are first or last.This combination makes it a tough challenge for rookie drivers, but I fully embrace and see it as a learning experience within my driving career."

Given these circumstances, are you relying more on Sergio Rinland´s expertise?
Generally, it’s a "good rule of thumbs" to listen to those who have already experienced what you are going through. Sergio has been involved in motorsport for many years and his support has been invaluable for these past 2 months.

How does it feel being part of VDM for a second year?
"It is very exciting to represent Velociudad and Argentina in one of the most prominent series in motorsport, and more so being the first driver of the program. The support system within the program is amazing, I honestly feel as if I am part of a family. It goes well beyond the financial support. There are a group of experienced professionals on call 24/7 both in Europe and in Argentina.

How are you preparing for the season kick-off in Barcelona?
Besides behind the wheel testing, I have an extensive schedule of physical and mental training each week. I am training 14 hours per week in the gym, and also spend extensive hours at Carlin with the team working on the car and driving the simulator. Besides driving and studying the new circuits, I am reviewing the ones I drove last year in Formula Ford. I have extensive data and on board video footage of the Formula Ford races in Silverstone and Barcelona.

Juan Emilio de Antón
Communications Director
Velociudad Speedcity

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