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Rhodes: "The circuit will soon pay for itself"

John Rhodes, Principal Architect from Populous, sat down with Velociudad this week to discuss the progression and current status quo of the motorsport complex as 2013 kicks off.

Share your thoughts regarding the latest progression and construction strategy revision of the Velociudad Project.

Deliverability and momentum are always the key to a scheme such as this. The project was designed from the start with phase-ability in mind, and with the lack of racing infrastructure in the region, it is great to see the focus on the new circuit works, and site clearance starting etc.

How likely is the circuit to receive the revered Grade 1 homologation from the FIA?

The difference between Grade 1 and Grade 1 (testing ) is really the pits, paddock and media facilities capable of delivering an F1 event. We have a phase able strategy and have planned these facilities into the masterplan. The circuit has been designed with the highest possible safety standards in mind without compromising the experiential potential. The circuit itself will be great for formula 1 racing.

We are very confident that we will get the grade 1 status when it is required or wanted.

What makes a motorsport development in Argentina attractive to Populous?

Argentina has historically had a strong international motorsport culture, with great drivers and races. In some ways this culture has been inhibited with the lack of quality infrastructure. It is great to be part of the team to bring back international motorsport infrastructure to Argentina.

How would you compare Velociudad to other motorsport complexes you have been involved with?

The site is pretty tight which means we have had to work really hard to get a meaningful circuit. The benefit of this is that the compact circuit will have a great atmosphere, everyone will be close to the action and be able to see a large part of the circuit. Velociuded will set a new benchmark for the next generation of Motorsport circuits.

What do you foresee as the greatest challenge to be faced? How can it be overcome?

Maintaining momentum is always a great challenge, this means maintaining local and national support. The project currently seems to have great local support and hopefully people will continue to see the benefits of the project and help it through the process.

Juan Emilio de Antón
Director de comunicación
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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