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Velociudad Driver Management: Introducing Eric Lichtenstein

A press conference will be held on Tuesday, August 14th at the main headquarters of the Argentine Automobile Club (ACA) in which Velociudad Speedcity will officially present its Driver Management (VDM) program, featuring Eric Lichtenstein, 17-year-old Argentine rookie driver who has secured 8 victories and 7 podiums thus far in the MSA British Formula Ford Championship.

The conference will feature Eric Lichtenstein; Sergio Rinland, Argentine engineer who has been working alongside various Formula 1 teams in the past years; Eddie Freedman, Velociudad CEO and VDM creator, Carlos Naish, Velociudad COO; and ACA authorities.

Velociudad is much more than a fantastic race-track. This venue has been envisioned as a cradle for Argentine motorsports. One of its missions is to develop young talent who can take after legend Juan Manuel Fangio and restore Argentina´s prominence in the international motorsport scene.

Eric Lichtenstein was chosen as the first of many young argentine drivers to become part of the VDM. The Driver Management Program selects local kart drivers and acts as agent, outlining customized career plans, and acting as the drivers´ financial benefactor as they progress through different racing categories in exchange for their commercial/sponsorship rights.

VDM also exposes the drivers to essential tools such as physical training, simulator driving sessions, English language tutors, among others. All with the purpose of assisting the argentine youngsters as they adapt to the demands of living abroad while competing at a high level.

The event will be attended by both national and international motor sport media, whom having seen Litchenstein on the Formula Ford Championship podium 15 occasions this year, are eager to see an argentine return Formula One in the short term. Last weekend at Snetterton, Lichtenstein completed a memorable weekend, winning 3 out of 3 races.

During the press event, Eddie Freedman is set to announce Lichtenstein´s next step for the 2013 season. A step which positions Lichtenstein ever so close to where all argentines wish to see him.

Juan Emilio de Antón
Director de comunicación
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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