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Pushing the Limits, Chasing the Dream

Ayrton Senna, the master of pushing the limits, once said “With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.”

Facundo Quiroga, a 19 year old driver from the city of Santa Fe, has lived by the premise of Senna´s teachings as source of inspiration throughout his racing career. His tenacity to overcome the worldly obstacles allows him to enjoy the thrills of the sport he loves so dearly.

A brain injury at the moment of birth confined “Facu” to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Quiroga competes on the AKS (Asphalt Karting from Santa Fé), and has surprised the argentine motorsport scene with impressive performances as he currently leads the championship six races into the 2012 season. It´s not talent alone, but preparation and sacrifice, the youngster assures: “I train religiously every day, and prepare myself for each race as if it was the last one”.

“I remember my first experience watching a professional race as a kid. It was back in 1993 when TC 2000 came to the Santa Fe street circuit. I was right in front of our house!” Ever since, Facundo, who relies on a custom-designed steering wheel lever to accelerate and brake, felt a connection to motorsport that endures till this day.

From a medical perspective, doctors are surprised by Facu´s constant driving improvement. Dr. Armando Rosales, a Cuban doctor residing in Santa Fé states that from a neurological point of view, Facundo is showing progress each day. “We take all necessary precautions each time Facundo competes. Despite not using his legs, Rosales points out Facundo´s extraordinary hand-eye coordination and mental concentration as the keys to his driving success. Dr. Rosales has been Quiroga´s personal doctor since “Facu” began racing at the age of 17.

Behind Facundo stands a loving family and an exceptional support group who make this inspiring motorsport story possible. The proud father, Daniel Quiroga mentions: “I enjoy every instant Facu is competing. Every weekend we face a new challenge to overcome. To be a part of this is the greatest satisfaction I could ever have.”

Daniel, who works for a local graphic design firm, is undoubtedly the primary backbone and propeller behind Facundo´s racing career. He is a familiar site by the track, always near his son, whether it is tightening the last bolt of kart, carrying the towel and water bottle, or offering words of encouragement.

During the week, Daniel spends his evenings organizing fund raisers, selling raffle tickets, or campaigning to find sponsors. All the sacrifice with the sole purpose of allowing his son the opportunity to push the limits and live his dream.

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