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Work in Progress: Major Fieldwork set to Begin

Last week Velociudad executives called in their local argentine project management team in preparation for major ground works to be conducted on the 63 hectare property .

During the work meeting, held in Velociudad´s corporate headquarters in Pilar, Buenos Aires, technical staff discussed logistical aspects and mobilization strategies to be coordinated during the critical Phase 2 geological trial testing next month.

The meeting was led by Velociudad Project Manager Pedro Lagleyze. Also in attendance, amongst others, were Mr. Jose Luis Inglese of ICSA (Consultant in Environment Engineering and Hydraulics for Velociudad), Mr. Cristobal Dome of INCOCIV; responsible of geotechnical engineering, and Mr. Adolfo Scarincci of IMPERO who will be overseeing the actual soil movement work during this testing stage.

Mr. Inglese outlined specific regulations and procedures of Zárate´s EIA normative which the studies must comply with. These include the existing hydrogeological standing, archaeological preservation, noise remediation and biodiversity preservation. Next week, a photographic survey of the actual testing site will be created as a starting point for the entire study.

In regards to geotechnical studies to be carried out by the company INCOCIV in conjunction with the field work by the firm IMPERO, evaluations of the different stages of work, elaborate schedules and various procedures are being finalized. Towards the end of the meeting, Mr. Peter Scott, Technical Director from Buro Happold (Velociudad´s lead engineering consultant), dialed in via conference call to examine and agree on specific methodologies for carrying out the sophisticated geotechnical tests to be conducted on the trial embankments and trial pits in situ.

Once the accurate settlement and compaction rates are determined, Buro Happold will outline the optimum soil/lime/sand composition of the structural package which will support the FIA Grade 1 circuit.

These geotechnical tests are a pre-requisite in preparing to build motorsport complex´s first phase; namely the 2.2 kilometer club circuit, Velociudad's Club House, 4x4 Off Road Park, Driving Safety Centre and Brand Houses for car manufacturers. Phase 1 completion is scheduled for late 2013, allowing for the venue to become operational while carrying out the remaining extension into the 4.7 km Grade 1 International configuration.

Corie Chu
International Publicist
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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