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Velociudad meets FIA in Argentina

Carlos Bertrand Merino, FIA Chairman for Circuits and Safety Commissions, met with Velociudad representatives last week in downtown Buenos Aires.

Widely recognized as FIA´s principal liaison in Latin America, Bertrand visited Argentina in the context of a three week tour to report and advise the Argentine Automobile Sporting Commission (ACA) on current safety conditions and homologation status of local tracks.

Present on behalf of Velociudad were Carlos Naish, COO, and Juan Emilio de Antón, Communications Director. Joining Bertrand was Diego Martin Mesa, coordinator of the Subcomission of Circuits and Safety of the Automobile Sporting Commission of ACA (Argentine Automobile Club).

Throughout the meeting, the conversation was centered on reviewing Velociudad´s circuit dossier and discussing subsequent procedures to submit for FIA´s official simulation review. The 4,7 km international configuration will join Interlagos as South America´s only Grade 1 circuits.

Regarding this matter Bertrand, who resides in the Spanish city of Bilbao, stated that "it is a very important aspect of a circuit to be able to achieve this optimum safety status", and added "Latin America needs more homologated tracks in order to host more international competitions".

One of the main characteristics of Velociudad is its ability to hold several events at once. Bertrand acknowledges the importance the master plan's multi-functional profile, stating "Nowadays in Europe circuits survive due to the extra activities they practice year round". He also appreciated the work of the London-based architectural firm Populous "it is a very ingenious distribution made by the designers in order to fit the track in the 62 hectare property".

Populous plans to officially present in the forthcoming months the requested dossier to FIA, through ACA, so as to continue the process of Grade 1 homologation.

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Corie Chu
International Publicist
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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