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"As a driver, I would love to see more Formula competitions held again in Argentina."

One of the most passionate categories of motor sport in Argentina is the Top Race Series. Julian Falivene, a Zárate native (home of Velociudad Speedcity Circuit), is a driver in this category. He emphasizes the significance of having a circuit like Velociudad's in Argentina.

Only 22 years old with a promising future, Falivene is currently part of the Sport Team Competition. He started at an early age and competed in karting events held in his hometown. He won most of them and his achievements caught the attention of various competition teams. Falivene's successes have led him to compete in the most virtuous level in the country, Top Race.

Though Velociudad´s track layout has already been blessed with positive support and insights from different motor sport icons such as ex-F1 driver Stefan Johansson and Argentina GT series driver Juan "Cochito" Lopez, it is extremely valuable to hear another professional driver's opinion. Falivene agrees that Velociudad's circuit has well-defined features and feels, "The layout is truly shocking, and nothing like this has been done in Argentina. It has great varieties, mixing really fast sectors with some complex curves." He adds, "The multi-functionality of the track will be great as different categories can compete at the circuit."

With great affection for his hometown, Falivene also considers the impact that Velociudad's venue will have in his city. "It will create an important change within Zárate. A motor sport complex with these characteristics will give my city much honor and pride. I am eager to see it finished, and it would be a dream to be able to compete at Velociudad's track, with people from Zárate supporting me."

Velociudad's circuit is structured to meet FIA's Grade 1 homologation; hence it will be able to host international racing events. In regards to this, Falivene shares, "Of course everyone wishes to see Formula 1 back in Argentina, but there are also other prestigious categories, on both national and international levels and it would be very interesting to see these races hosted at Velociudad. As a driver, I would love to see more Formula competitions held again in Argentina."

Falivene stresses the importance of a safe venue for a high speed competition to take place, "I would rather compete in a homologated track than in a street circuit, especially if it is a FIA Grade 1 standard track, just like Velociudad's will be. All professional drivers know that this is a risky profession, therefore we always prefer to race in the safest possible environment."

The opinions from Argentine rising talent Julian Falivene is extremely important to Velociudad. We thank him for his time and for sharing his thoughts with us.

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