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Velociudad´s Work in Progress

The construction of the 62 hectare site into a world class motor sport venue is a diligent and extensive progress. In this week's news, we'd like to share our latest developments on building Velociudad Speedcity.

In line with its comprehensive construction plans, the Velociudad team is actively working in order to complete the only motor sport complex with a circuit that meets FIA Grade 1 standards in Argentina.

Velociudad´s architecture, in an elaborate master plan includes detailed designs of our multiple buildings and facilities. Intriguing blueprints of the first 2.2 km circuit, Velociudad's Club House, pit areas and the "Brand Houses" will be in the first portion of the construction progress, which is known as Phase One. These structures are projected to be completed between early and mid of 2013.

The Government of Zarate and the province of Buenos Aires have different regulations and specifications in regards to land construction, which the Velociudad team is immensely attentive to. The most important aspects involve the drainage system, hydraulics, earth embankments, energy input / output and vehicular and human traffic at the venue. Additionally, our wonderful team of experts; the U.K. based architectural firm Populous, the English engineering firm Buro Happold, and our local Project Manager Pedro Lagleyze are carefully examining and addressing each political organization's guidelines to ensure our construction plans meet within their legislations.

After confirming the plans for construction, the detailed ideas will be presented to both governing bodies for their approval, therefore allowing the construction phase to begin.

We will continue to provide additional updates on the progress of building the motor sport complex featuring a safe circuit for car enthusiasts, car manufacturers and professional racers to enjoy driving at; and a place for fans to participate in the excitement.

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Corie Chu
International Publicist
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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