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Discovering Zarate

This week we explore the city of Zárate, home of Velociudad Speedcity Circuit and share what it has to offer.

Founded on March 19, 1854, Zárate is 90 kilometers northeast of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The city can be accessed by highway between Buenos Aires and Rosario on routes 12, 193 and the provincial route 6. It is known for being an industrial city, but also has some interesting history and attractions. Zárate is located right next to the Paraná River. Above it on Zárate's side is the Complejo Ferrovial Zárate-Brazo Largo, an infrastructure with two bridges that connects Buenos Aires with Entre Rios in the Mesopotamic region, therefore allowing easier access to Uruguay and Brazil. The Complejo Ferrovial Zárate-Brazo Largo is a national historic monument in Argentina.

Due to its ideal location, Zárate naturally became a popular port in Argentina for vessels, bulk cargo, containers, vehicles and recreational boats. Since 2009, Zárate has been the destination for the Dakar Rally competition vehicles to be transported into. There is also a 160 hectares Prime Industrial Park strictly devoted to auto parts. One of the main designated ports for Argentina is in Zárate due to its convenient gateway to the other countries. From its many geographical assets and proximity to the port, it was a clear choice for Velociudad Speedcity to be built in Zárate.

Mr. Gustavo Queralt, Secretary for Economic Development shared, "The development of the city is evident and we believe Velociudad will make the citizens of Zárate be seen by eyes all around the world in a great fashion." Additional business developments have also brought in more visitors to Zárate. Marina Sanchez, Director of Tourism for the Government of Zárate added, "The city is in full growth in all activities relating to tourism. We are working hard to take advantage of new industries and new attractions that have come recently to Zárate to generate more growth."

Zárate is the provincial capital of tango as declared by law. It is also the home to Homero Exposito, a famous lyricist for Argentine tango music. During this past weekend and today, Zárate celebrates its anniversary with a three-day long tango festival. Aside from tango, other attractions in Zárate include the Coliseum Theatre, Our Lady of Carmen – the city's main church, yacht clubs with extensive sporting facilities and fishing piers for those who want to fish in the Paraná River. Coincidentally, it is also home to the 22 year-old Top Race driver Julian Falivene.

The great city of Zárate makes Argentina accessible to other countries. It is the perfect place for local and international businesses to develop, with the benefit of being near Buenos Aires for Argentines, tourists and tango lovers to spend a quaint weekend away. Velociudad Speedcity would like to commemorate Zárate's 158th anniversary and look forward to having our future guests explore its town.

Corie Chu
International Publicist
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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