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Juan Manuel "Cochito" Lopez: "Nothing I´ve seen resembles Velociudad."

The Argentine driver Juan Manuel "Cochito" Lopez, who is as of this April competing in the International Open GT European Series, gave his insights on Velociudad´s circuit. Lopez thinks it will be unique in the country and will help Argentina regain its status on an international level.

After racing in local competitions in 2008, Lopez established in Europe, where he competed in several top notch tracks on board of his Ferrari F430 as part of the Aurora Racing Team. He was the Spanish GT2 champion and runner up in GT1 later on.

Referring to the layout of Velociudad´s circuit, the 31 year-old pilot commented, "It´s going to be very interesting due to the topography of the curves. Plain circuits are boring. A good driver likes different heights, ups and downs, which create a much more technical and challenging circuit."

In regards to Velociudad´s multifunctional facilities, Lopez pointed out, "The compact model could resemble Valencia or Hockenheim. It is very important for a circuit to have ongoing activity through the whole year, so everything must be maintained at the highest level."

Aside from comfort, spectators who attend races search for good views. Lopez added, "One of Velociudad´s best attributes is that fans will enjoy a broader view of the whole race, and not only the straights as they do at most circuits."

Lopez celebrates the fact that Velociudad is also building an Academy for young pilots and mechanics, which will give them better tools and acquire key concepts at early stages of their careers.

"Cochito" expects to have a great year and is very confident for the next season. His ultimate objective is to be GT champion. Before finishing the interview, Lopez ends with one final comment, "I´ve always supported Velociudad´s project ever since it had been announced as nothing in our country resembles it. Velociudad is very important for Argentina and for the country's reputation overseas."

Juan Emilio de Antón
Director de comunicación
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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