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Velociudad Partners: norman2

Everything starts with a first idea � and so did Velociudad. It was Eddie Freedman who pencilled his idea of a circuit design on a napkin. And it is a long way from a napkin scribble to a successful FIA Grade 1 Motorsport Venue � and it requires experienced partners from all over the globe. In a monthly series, we introduce our partners that help us to make our ideas reality.

It was a lucky coincidence that Eddie met Norman Simon, a former professional race driver and one of the two founders of norman2, in Europe early 2011. At that time, norman2 consulted a consortium of investors on a concept for a new racetrack project in Singapore. It was obvious, that Eddie and Norman had a very intensive conversation about the possibilities of a new Circuit in Argentina that lasted until late in the night of the first day they met. Less than two weeks later, Norman was sitting in a plane from Germany to Buenos Aires to meet Eddie and his team.

norman2 is a Germany based consulting agency that is specialised in business concepts and marketing strategies for the motorsport industry. They are one of the strategic drivers behind the unique Velociudad concept of a multi-functional facility that can operate profitable during a whole year and not being an empty space when no racing event is hosted. With their experience and their global motorsport and automotive industry network, they enhanced Eddie's napkin scribble of a racetrack to a desirable venue for a whole industry.

Besides the business concept, Velociudad also profits from the Marketing expertise of the second founder of norman2, the communication expert Norman Wagner. They support us in positioning our Brand in the market and with creating attractive products for clients from the automotive industry and enthusiast in the country of the real heart of Motorsport - Argentina.

Finally, norman2 is helping us, that a first idea becomes the only FIA Grande 1 Circuit in Argentina - a passionate and vibrant facility for all motorsport enthusiasts in Argentina.

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