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On Friday, December 16, 2011 in Zárate (Buenos Aires), Argentina, the developing automobile complex celebrated a significant day with more than 100 exclusive guests including international, national and local members of the press.

Black and white checkered flags were waved around from national route 9 until the arrival of route 193 and Antarctic Argentina, where Velociudad's home is, leading guests onto the site. Visitors passed through multiple standees of Velociudad art sketches in different areas to arrive at a big white tent where the majority of Velociudad's activities were held.

Inside the tent, the event began with a detailed presentation of the future FIA Grade 1 circuit at Velociudad conducted by Populous, the prestigious British company responsible for the development. The main architect on the project, John Rhodes, explained each phase of construction at the complex. The first phase is targeted to finish at the end of 2012 with the first 3100 meters of the track, the club house for exclusive members, a 4 x 4 Off Road Park and Latin America's first Driver's Safety Center. After the presentation, a short Q&A session gave journalists and guests a chance to ask additional technical questions about the track.

Following the Q&A, Eddie Freedman, CEO of Velociudad, elaborated on important points of the complex. He also shared how his idea of Velociudad originated; which had to do with being unable to find a consistent track to drive his vehicles when he first arrived in Buenos Aires. An important piece of advice that Freedman gave is that professional drivers should be kids trained through academies to find the key to victory in the sport. At the end of his speech, he remarked that Velociudad will represent one of the most important sports projects in the country in the past 30 years.

Finally, the representatives from the Zárate City Council and Freedman dug into the grounds of Velociudad's site with commemorative shovels to mark the beginning of construction while noises ofFormula Renault category model motors accelerating surprised guests. Argentine drivers, Gaston Perlo and Eric Lichtenstein drove two laps around the first portion of Velociudad's circuit (to be completed within Phase 1), which is currently a dirt track. The track in its entirety provides a unique topography, which involves the movement of more than one million cubic meters of soil, equivalent to a row of trucks from Buenos Aires to Córdoba.

Welcome. The time has come. We invite you to discover the place where dreams come true: Velociudad.

Juan Emilio de Antón
Director de comunicación
Velociudad Speedcity Circuit

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