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Velociudad visits Autoclásica Expo

Autoclásica, South America´s largest classic car exposition, celebrated its eleventh edition in the Jockey Club of San Isidro, located in the pleasant Buenos Aires suburbs. The expo kicked off with inauguration speeches by Alexander Daly; president of the Argentine Classic Cars Club (CAC), Enrique Meyer; Argentina´s Minister of Tourism, and Gustavo Posse; Mayor of San Isidro.

The exposition featured 920 models in their original state, and in perfect working conditions, as well as the famous Argentine "Monopostos". For collectors, the classic "Autojumble", with over 100 stands offering antique pieces and accessories, books, models, and auto clubs stands from around the country.

Having been invited by multiple clubs and associationsalready aware of what will soon become South America´s ultimate motorsport complex, Velociudad executives also used the occasion to network with new organizations such as the Argentine Republic Miniature Car model Collectors. Their stand featured an impressive 300 miniature car model collection including fire trucks, classic Formula One models, contemporary Ferraris, and even Pope Mobiles.

Unquestionably, the Autoclasica´s "forte" lied in its special tribute to Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the greatest drivers of all times, in the centenary of his birth. Visitors were able to admire a selection of original cars driven by Fangio between 1930 and 1950.

Despite rainy weather conditions experienced on Friday, the clouds parted over the weekend and Autoclásica received over 55 thousand enthusiastic visitors proving itself yet again as a hallmark in the calendar of South American car expositions.

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