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Once upon a time in Zárate

There is historical precedence of a circuit in the area where Velociudad -the XXI century motor sports facility- is being built. Back in 1991 the traditional Argentine TC series raced on the Zárate/Campana roadways in what was denominated as the "Grand Premio Dos ciudades". Interestingly enough, the road circuit passed by the property in which Velociudad is currently being built.

It is easier to attract main national and international races when you have the adequate environment for top category competitions. The enormous effort of Campana and Zárate municipal governments payed off when the tenth race of Turismo Carretera took place close to the Parana riverbanks on September 22.

The high speed roadway circuit featured five chicanes, was a triangular junction of the National Route 9, Antartida Argentina Ave. and Route 193. The 62 hectares site where the 4700 meters circuit of Velociudad is being built was used during this Grand Prix as parking space for vehicles during the days the competition lasted.

Everything went smoothly thanks to the excellent work of Autoclub Zárate, organizers of the event. The local fans were delighted as fifty touring cars roared their engines. The winner was Osvaldo "el Pato" Morresi, who completed the 10 laps with his Coupe Chevy super 250. Crowd favorite Roberto Mouras came in second and Eduardo Ramos in his Ford Falcon 221 completed the podium.

Exactly two decades later, Velociudad is on its way to restore the motorsport spirit in that exact area. As the best Argentinean driver, Juan Manuel Fangio once said "the first thing you need to do in order to win is get to the finish line". And Velociudad is well on its way.

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