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On the road to homologation

Velociudad made its initial circuit concept presentation at ACA (Automóvil Club Argentino) headquarters in order to achieve the prestigious grade 1 homologation for its circuit.

Attending the meeting were architects from Populous - the British company responsible for construction-, members of Velociudad´s consulting team and Diego Martin Mesa, coordinator of the Security and Circuits area of the Automobile Sports Commission.

The meeting began with the technical description and walk through the international circuit. On this matter, Mesa said: "Safety measures for the track are perfect. Zárate´s closeness to the City of Buenos Aires is very important".

As the proceedings will be held in stages, forms and deadlines were agreed upon for the first phase after analyzing several different illustrative models. Populous revealed some amazing circuit data gathered from their simulator. Maximum acceleration will be 270 km / h while the average lap speed will be around 185 km / h. The longest straight will be 560 meters long.

Holding Grade 1 homologation from FIA (International Automobile Federation) and FIM (International Motorcycling Federation), Velociudad will become a unique multifunctional facility. FIA involves over 200 automobile organizations from over 125 countries and its main responsibility is regulating Formula 1 and other matters such as mobility, environment and road safety.

Velociudad is already on its way to restore Argentina´s legacy in the world of motorsports.

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